Psychological Training Institute and M.E.G. regional office

At Intakkt we offer a variety of training courses for counsellors, coaches, teachers and clinical professionals in the areas of clinical hypnosis (KliHyp), hypnotherapeutic and systemic concepts for working with Children and Adolescents (KiHyp) and hypnosystemic communication by Milton H. Erickson (KomHyp).

In addition we also offer a number of training programmes on e.g. managing and organising your own therapeutic practice, self management or mental training as well as coaching for managers, coaches and athletes.

Please note that most of the above-mentioned programmes are held in German. If you are interested in an English alternative, please contact us.

It is key to us that the training courses on offer and the contents are relevant and closely aligned with your current working situation. We also want you to feel comfortable at our institute: our light and airy rooms create an inviting working atmosphere and there are complimentary snacks during the breaks.


For further information - please contact us!