About us

intakkt is a young, innovative institute, which offers for individuals and organizations individual, psychological solutions. The institute is led by the Psychologists Stefanie Schramm and Jürgen Schramm.

In our psychological training institute and the M.E.G. regional office we offer seminars, consulting, teaching and clinical professions seminars and curricula in different areas of work. Thereby our institute is one of altogether 17 regional offices of the Milton Erickson Association for clinical hypnosis (M.E.G.).

Emphases of our consulting & services area are coaching individuals and groups and providing advice to companies and organizations on issues of organisational development, leadership and communication.

In addition, in the Psychological Practice Stefanie Schramm, our competent and experienced team of therapists offers psychological counselling and therapy in German, English and French.

One focus of our work lies in the acute-, crisis- and emergency intervention, psycho-traumatology, and in dealing with acute and latent suicidality.

We are, furthermore, approved as an IHK-Ausbildungsbetrieb (company that takes on trainees) for the teaching profession office administrator.